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If you purchase as well as sell or repair cars on a part time basis, then we could provide for your insurance requirements. We have been providing part time motor trade insurance cover since 1995, creating us the marketplace leaders in proposing great worth insurance cover for your motor trade business. Quotes are obtainable online or over a call to our familiar staff, who can talk over your necessities in detail. Are you hesitant what kind of policy you requisite? We can make certain that you get the right policy for your part time motor trade industry at the correct price. Insurance

Who Needs Part Time Traders Insurance?

  • If your main work is in the additional trade or business kind, however you service otherwise sell cars for supplementary income, then you must consider a¬†part time motor trade insurance strategy.
  • As a part time trader, you requisite to prove that you are functioning inside the motor trade. Insurers are probable to search for receipts to show the buying and sale of cars, or if you work in maintenances, for receipts of bought parts, for example.
  • You will requisite to show that you are purchasing and selling otherwise servicing/repairing a minimum amount of cars to be entitled to motor trade insurance. Insurers would have their own standards¬† the best choice is to talk to us to discuss how you trade plus how you should be covered.
  • Maximum part time traders would take out road risks insurance.

What Is Motor Trade Road Risks Insurance?

  • Road risk insurance covers you toward drive cars that you do not possess so as to carry out your business. This kind of insurance does not cover the loss of cars or harm to them however they are at business places.
  • That is why this kind of insurance is perfect for maximum part time traders who function from home, as numerous insurers will not organize this site as business places. If you need to obtain cover for cars stored or repaired in distinct business locations, you might consider traders combined insurance.