Use the tools on the mathematical concept with direct order placement facility.

The total no of call options in the market can be found by the users with the help of the calculations. The short option positions should be considered if you are ready to buy the OTM options. If you want to login into your trading account, then you can provide your username and password on our website. The direct order placement facility is allowed when you use the tools based on the mathematical concept. The put option and call option is useful for the call skew users if they want to place the trades.

Concentrate on overall market strategy:

The trading tutorials can be used by the users effectively if they are planning to build their trading strategy. The underlying guidelines should be followed carefully if you are ready to place the trades on the call skew stocks. You should concentrate more on the overall market strategy if you are ready to buy an instant account. The users can easily understand how the trading options work when they make use of the facilities on our website. The users can easily measure the trading volumes with the put-call ratio.

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The cumulative sum of daily differences:

The outlook of the market is predictable based on your experience in placing the trades. If you want to analyze the trading market,then the index and stock options should be taken into consideration. The trade prices can always be computed by the users based on the implied volatility. The cumulative sum of the daily differences can be found with the help of the advance and decline ratio. The simple trick is very useful for the users if they want to generate the positional option calls. The trading guide can be used by the users effectively to know about the margin and leverage of the trades.