Tips to buy fresh fish in Singapore

Are you looking to buy fresh fish? Well, you must look for quality indicators before you call it fresh. There are many fresh fish supplier singapore, both online and offline. Before you actually buy from any of them, don’t forget to check on the following tips that may help you identify fresh fish.

The indicators:

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  • Check the eyes of the fish. It must be clear and not cloudy. In case it is cloudy, it means it has been some time, maybe at least a week from the time it was picked up. Beware that it is becoming old and not your kind of fresh fish anymore.
  • A look at the skin must make you feel that it is full of life and is going to jump. The skin must be shiny, moist, and slippery, and the scales still attached to the body.
  • The interior gills of the fish should be moist, red, clean, and free of mucous. If the color is not red and is brownish or pink, then chances are that the fish is old.
  • Another point to remember is that fresh fish does not smell bad. It would smell of the sea and will be moist. If there is a noticeable odor from the fish you buy, it is probably not a fresh one.
  • The fillets of the fish may be edible so should be free of any bruises. If there are red spots on the fillets, it means that there has been rough handling of the fish. This should be avoided.
  • The flesh of the fish should be moist and firm and should appear to bounce as if out of the sea. If the fish is getting old, it will be soft to touch and impressions form on touching it.